Car Detector V7 Car Radar Detector Speed Laser Dector Speed Alarm English Version Blue Color

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  • New Car Speed Detector English Version
  • Detect any stable or mobile Radia Speed Monitor
  • Detect any Traffic Monitor or stable Camera (around traffic lights) in advance
  • All-Purpose Bracket and suitable for all of GPS Navigator
  • English warning voice

Two mode: 1.City mode to alert the motion signals when + button is pressed the vocal report will be reported every 10sand it will turn to default setting when the motion signal disappeared 2.High way mode it is the default setting it will report each time when receving signal with high sensitivity. Press - for reducing volume or shift between city mode and high way mode (pressed for 3 seconds) Mode button for increasing screen brightness 360-degree detection The device has automatic default storage function for settings Detection Type: K Band Ka Band Laser X Band NEW K Band Ku Band VG-2 Features: Net weight: 0.4LB (185g) approx Detector Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.83 x 1.02 inch approx All-in-one radar detector Available for independent installation and use Easy mounted interlock Compatible with any navigator Specifications: Police X-BAND:10.525GHz+ -100MHz 1500-2500M Police K-BAND:24.150GHz+ -175MHz 1200-2500M Tripod K-BAND:24.125GHz+ -175MHz 250-1200M Tripod KU-BAND:13.450GHz+ -125MHz 450-1500M Police KA-BAND:34.700GHz+ -1300MHz 800-1500M Tripod KA-BAND:33.400GHz+ -1300MHz 200-600M Margin of error:+ -10M Distance:0-999M Laser Beam:904mn+ -33KMHz VG-2:11.150GHz+ -175MHz Wireless duplex transmission frequency:2.4GHz+ -410MHz When the detectable distance is not satisfied please adjust the location and angle of the radar device to make a more stable and further distance receiving use wave amplifier if necessary. Measured distance will be slightly different according to traffic status landscape climate. Packing list: 1 x Radar detector 1 x Car charger 1 x User manual


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