Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor Dynamic Wristband Pedometer Sport Smartband Bracelet Fitness Tracker

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Heart Rate Smart Band
24H Real Time Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band
* ID107 adopt green LED lights (OSRAM lights) and sensitive
photo-diode to monitor the flow of blood through user's wrist every single moment.
When user's heart beats, there will be more blood run through user's wrist, the green light absorption will increase.
Under the interval of heart beats, less blood run through user's wrist, thus the green light absorption decrease.
DO Researching and Developing Team have effective monitored and extracted heart rate signal based on developed
a set of complicated and explicit algorithm
* DO formula for maximum heart rate calculate: 220 - age
below 50% of the maximum heart rate, it will not defined as sports exercise
up to 50% - 69% of the maximum heart rate, defined as low-moderate sports fat burning zone, fit for exercise beginner
up to 70% - 84% of the maximum heart rate, last long time under aerobic exercise, it improves heart and lung function, also enhance blood vessel function.
Higher than 85% of the maximum heart rate, is extreme high level exercise zone
* Track daily activities data such as,steps, distance, calories burnt, help you reach daily fitness goal

* Sleep + Clock
Auto recognize sleep status, track your sleep hour and sleep quality, wake you up by smart alarm.
* Unique designed transportation mode
Once final product under mass production testing done before shipment.The test App will send a command, or long press the key enter into transportation mode. The data in the device will be cleared once under transportation mode and the wristband is under power off status. The device can be activated by charging or pressing the key.

* APP: VeryFit 2.0
Convenient Bluetooth connection Blutooth 4.0 connection Super low power consumption Radiationless
Technical Parameter
Specs Model No. ID 107 heart rate smart bracelet
App OS IOS7.1&above, Android4.4&above
Main function RTC, Heart rate monitor, Step pedometer, Calorie burnt, Distance track, Sleep monitor,
Call remind (caller name/caller ID), Alarm remind, Anti-lost, Camera remote control, etc.
Sensor KIONIX kx022-1020
CPU chip Nordic nRF51822
HR sensor Silicon labs Si1142
Vibration YES
Waterproof life waterproof (Sweat proof, rain proof, water drop proof)
Screen Size 0.49"
Connect Bluetooth 4.0
Specs Strap material TPE
Dimension Host: 40.9*20.0*12.5mm
Strap: 260*21*12.5mm
Net weight About 22g
Color Black,Bule,Orange,Purple,Greee
Other Operation: Wrist senses, tap to switch
Data Sorage: 7 days
Battery Li-polymer Battery
Capacity 70mAh
Standby time 5-10 days
Charging 2 point connect
Charging time About 1 hour


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