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Brand: PremiumAV


  • Water Quality Requirements:High Quality Drinking Water,Purifying Position:Terminal Purification
  • Length:7.5cm
  • Type:Conditioner,Function:Direct Drink,Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless Steel

Details: Instructions: Put Hydrogen Water Stick into dringking Water. After 10~20 mins, the hydrogen will be turn to 400ppb. According to different quality of water, the hydrogen will be different. It's better to use Mineral Water. Water Temperature: Below 50? The Best Drinking Time: When you get up in the morning: 500ml 10 am: 500-600 ml 3:00 pm: 500-800ml 1 hour before going to bed: 500-600ml Product Description: First Use: open the package, put vinegar and water mixture with a mineral water bottle (500 ml) (1: 4), close lid and shake for 10 seconds to open the lid, for 5 minutes, washed with water bottle and the generator is ready for use. Usage: Prepare an empty mineral water bottle (glass bottles can not be used, avoid damage), then put sticks and mineral water 500 ml into the bottle, cover for 5 minutes, a bottle having a full-featured strongest antioxidant capacity reduction hydrogen water is produced.


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